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I'm INTJ (but used to test INFJ primarily): http://www.keirsey.com/4temps/mastermind.aspx

What's yours? What does it say about you?

Signal Boost: Return of the DDoS

Originally posted by deathpixie at Signal Boost: Return of the DDoS
For those wanting to know more about the recent DDoS attacks, yes, it looks like it was the Russian government trying to shut down the dissidents again.

As I said last time, while it's frustrating not to have access, LJ is a lot more than a social network platform. From the article:

"LiveJournal isn’t just a social network. It’s also a platform for organizing civic action. Dozens of network projects and groups mobilize people to solve specific problems — from defending the rights of political prisoners to saving endangered historic architecture in Moscow."

So while I know many are considering the move over to Dreamwidth and other such sites, supporting LJ is a way we can help support those who use it for more than a writing/roleplaying/social venue.

Also, as a FYI, LJ is giving paid users effected by the outage two weeks of paid time as compensation.

The Best Mixed CD Ever:

1. The Polyphonic Spree – Younger Yesterday
2. The New Pornographers – Myriad Harbor
3. William Shatner – Common People
4. The Magnetic Fields – When My Boy Walks Down The Street
5. The Monkees – Pleasant Valley Sunday
6. Of Montreal – Rapture Rapes the Muses
7. Starlight Mints – Popsicle
8. The Decemberists – Sons and Daughters
9. Elliott Smith – A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to be Free
10. Weezer - Suzanne
11. Koufax – Color Us Canadian
12. Sloan – Losing California
13. XTC – Senses Working Overtime
14. Zumpano – The Party Rages On
15. Ben Folds – Best Imitation of Myself
16. Lily Allen – Not Fair
17. Beulah – Popular Mechanics for Lovers
18. Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love
19. That Dog – Long Island
20. Outkast – Bombs Over Baghdad
21. Reggie and the Full Effect – Happy Chickens

(My music taste hasn’t changed much in the last, oh, 7ish years or so)

What’s your best CD mix? (bonus for links to videos)


Would anyone be up for, uh, sorting through and taking pictures of about 200 articles of my clothing that I want to sell - with me? Bonus would be if they fit ya, you could go home with new clothes!

This would be at my house, of course. I'm not toting this stuff around.

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